National Security Advisor and NSC Staff

National Security Council Staff Organizational Structure chart.

Although not a statutory member, the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, commonly referred to as the National Security Advisor, plays a key NSC role through agenda setting, issue preparation, and communication of Presidential decisions. 

The National Security Advisor is supported by a staff of approximately 200 full-time personnel. This staff is comprised of an Executive Secretary, career government employees on rotational assignments and political appointees with subject matter expertise. This staff is commonly referred to as the "NSC" throughout the bureaucracy. The exact size, composition, organization, and function of the NSC staff are subject to the work style and policy agenda of the President and the National Security Advisor. The primary purposes of the NSC staff are to provide policy analysis and information on national security issues to the National Security Advisor and the President, facilitate interagency coordination on national security policies, and monitor implementation of Presidential decisions.

View larger version the graphic (shown right) of the structure of the National Security Council staff as of June 2008.

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